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Review Samsung Serie 5 550

When the Chromebooks first hit the market last year, they were welcomed with scepticism and curiosity, which totally made sense. After all first time ever in the history an operating system based entirely on a browser was introduced in the market. Now, Samsung is selling its critically acclaimed Chromebook Series 5 (550) with loads of resourceful tools and apps like offline doc editing, a basic photo editor and a desktop-like space that makes it much easier to launch and switch between different apps.

Amazing Features

Samsung Chrome book 5 has a 12.1-inch display, 1200×800-pixel-resolution screen, 4GB Ram, 16GB of built-in flash storage and also Verizon Wireless 3G radios. It has more dressed in traditional retooled touchpad, a Celeron processor, Ethernet jack and a Display Port. On one end of Samsung Chromebook is the AC port, a Display Port, a USB 2.0 socket, an Ethernet connection and a headphone jack. While on the other hand is the SD card reader and two USB slots. This Chromebook effectively supports Bluetooth 3.0 and has power button on the right which boots up or shuts down the Chromebook quickly within seconds.

Comfortable Keyboard

Samsung Chromebook 550 keyboard features a magnifying-glass icon that opens up a new tab for Google search and various dedicated buttons for screen brightness, volume and full-screen toggle line the top.


Inspiring Design

Samsung Chromebook 550 has an attractive design that manages to clear up few rough edges found on the previous model. The material quality of the laptop is much higher and the design has more sleeker and modern look. Nothing in this world is perfect, not even Samsung Chromebook 550. For instance this Chromebook has few issues like the panel gaps are large and the silver colour of the lid and upper framework does not match the colour of the lower framework.

Exemplary Performance

Certainly, it is a faster experience than last year’s Samsung Chromebook and you can execute more processes in more windows at once and even swap between them easily. Benchmarking isn’t readily available and indeed nowhere near Windows laptop or iPad anyway. The built-in HD-resolution webcam work quite well with Google Chat and Google+ Hangout feature. However, Samsung Chromebook Series 5 doesn’t reconnect to known networks as quickly as some other Chromebooks in the market. Video buffering takes a lot of time with mp4 video file at full screen but at 1080p YouTube videos runs extremely smoothly.

Good Battery Life

Samsung Chromebook 550 battery life is expected to last no more than six hours. If you plan on watching a movie, it is recommended to keep your Chromebook charger nearby. After standard battery testing it has been revealed that with a video looping, Wi-Fi On and Screen Brightness at 65 percent, it lasted not more than 3 hours and 23 minutes.


The new Samsung Chromebook Series 5 550 has offered slightly improved hardware and improved Chrome OS software than its Samsung chrome book previous model but the price is not reasonable as compared to its performance i.e. $449, or $549 with a Verizon 3G wireless antenna.


Our Review on the Samsung 550 comes to a singles conclusion, its an expensive and at same time powerful chromebook and you should expect to see new models from Samsung within the quarter of 2014, save your money for that!

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