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5 Fascinating Android Apps for Chromecast

The Chromecast device is a must have to your television and mobile apps can increase your enjoyment of the Chromecast. There are plenty of intriguing Android applications being developed that allow you to stream your online activities to your television. Following are five terrific options you might want to consider:


Available via Nityaa Labs, the AirCast app lets you broadcast movies from your computer and smartphone to your television. AirCast works with Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android devices.


The Radiodile app from Multitask123 allows you to create custom music stations from SoundCloud and YouTube. This application has been updated and now lets you stream your personalized music stations from your Android device to your television via Chromecast technology.


The 4OTO app from Ladybug lets you organize your digital photographs and then stream your images to your television. Create slideshows for family gatherings or broadcast images from the company picnic to the boardroom television.

The app is a handy option if you and your family often struggle to find enjoyable shows to watch. This application offers curated lists of shows from the Internet that you can view on your television via your Chromecast device. Never again will you have to listen to your children complain they can’t find anything good to watch.

Songs, Cartoons…for Children

Offered by Chubby75, the Songs, Cartoons…for Children app lets you broadcast your child’s favorite online cartoons and videos to your television. This Chromecast app for Android is offered in multiple languages including English, Spanish, and French.

These are just a few of the intriguing apps being developed for Chromecast users. You can now enjoy many of your favorite online sites and activities on your television. Download all of these innovative apps and check Google Play for even more apps.

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