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Acer C720 Review

The Acer C720 model is one of the most well known models inside the chromebook community and you can see a lot of support foruns and so on and we will explain you why it’s so popular and yes you should buy it! Chromebook have convinced everyone and you can actually check the top selling list of electronic at Amazon and you will at least find one chromebook.

Acer Chromebook features an increasing number of productivity driven apps like Google Docs, Calendar, Gmail and many other apps that enable the users to work even when they are offline. Acer Chromebook offers hassle-free maintenance and is designed to provide maximum security to the end user. It helps the users by preventing their data and apps from viruses and malware without the need to install any antivirus or security software separately. To get faster, more efficient and more feature-rich attributes, Chromebook updates itself automatically without having you to spend even a single penny. If you still have doubts about which app should you use to make your reports, a conversation and so on check our guide.


Acer updated is old C7 with the new C720 and C720P with touch panel display and it’s now on of the best models you can find out there. The display if 11.6 inch wide and you can expect to a have a great machine on your hands. The hardware is pretty decent where you can find a Intel Celeron 2955U processor, 2GB Ram, 16Gb SSD, 1x USB 2.0, 1x USB 3.0, wifi, front camera, SD Card Slot and finally a full HDMI port. Regarding this topic you can expect a fully functional laptop with a good look and well build.



The display presents a good balance of brightness and contrast which we would expect from an anti-glare screen and the overall experience for the unit is quite good, we never feelt that the computer as slow and did not complete some taks. The disk size is 16Gb that for a new user might mislead him to think thats not enought but keep in mind that this is a chromebook and they are made to surf online and productivity and not to download a lot of stuff and music, don’t forget that you can use 100Gb of your Google Drive cloud service but if you feel that this is not enough you can upgrade the disk to one with more capacity just look for a M.2 Sata SSD there is our recommendation:

MyDigitalSSD SC2 Super Cache 2 42mm SATA III 6G M.2 NGFF M2 2242 128GB Solid State Drive


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Keep in mind that openning your chromebook is dangerous and you can void our warranty. If you don’t want to go though all these trouble buy the version with 32Gb for about 247$.

Battery Life

The battery can last up to 8.5 hours and its not the best one on this particular field but its still doesn’t affect your user experience and portability and in fact is quite reasonable for the performance and brightness of the display.acer-c720-right


As mention before the battery is quite good and its very lighwright with just about 2.76 pounds the size is 11.34 x 8.03 x 0.75 inches about the same as the Macbook Air.



The keyboard is the standard of the chromebooks where you can find instead of the caps lock key the search key.



For 199$ you will receive this chromebook. It’s well worth the price tag. If you are thinking about buying a tablet or a low cost laptop consider this option! You can also find the version with a higher disk space for 247$ and the version C720P with touch display at 299$ but we find that chrome os is still not ready for this kind of experience, avoid spending this extra bucks. Grab this bargain!!

Quick Comparison and Conclusion

For us we think this is the top chromebook for its value and our advice is to buy it!Is lighter then the new Toshiba Chromebook and much cheaper and also considering the final price tag you can surely have this chromebook as your second laptop.

Installing Linux

If you are an advanced user you will find our tutorials on how to install linux on this chromebook very useful and all that limitations are gone! You can enjoy a laptop where you can use Gimp for a full image edition like a pro, Skype, Open Office and so on and have a much more pleasant offline experience. Also remember that the battery life will decrease to approximately 5 hours.


Order it!


If you are from oustide the USA check Amazon Uk, Amazon DE and Amazon FR


In order to help you decide whether the Acer Chromebook is suitable for your use or not, we have evaluate every feature and overall performance in a table given below.

Acer C720 Review admin
Features and Performance
TouchPad and Keyboard



Grab this bargain!

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