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What are Chromebooks

Recently, we have seen some breakthrough advancements in computing technologies. From Notebooks to Netbooks, Sleekbooks to Ultrabooks and now the critically acclaimed Chromebooks have flooded the markets. Though Chromebooks fall right under the category of Notebooks but they are slimmer, lighter (closely resembling Ultrabooks) and very cost-effective built specially for online computing.

These small in size laptops come with a 16GB of internal storage and primarily connect to Google Drive that can be used for storing videos, music, documents and pictures. On the same hand Chromebooks are delicate but due to its utilization for cloud computing, they cannot be used for heavy processing like 3D gaming or high end video editing.

Chromebooks mainly incorporate the use of Google apps in a very intriguing way. But in the absence of an internet connection Chromebook can experience some real limited functionalities. Even though most of the Chromebook apps like Gmail, Google Docs and many other apps are acquiring offline functionalities, that are likely to save your progress and when your internet is back these apps will automatically sync your files and update your system.

Though every next Chromebook is an improved version of the previous one, some of the prime features to look for choosing a Chromebook are as follows:


Chromebooks are primarily made for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, web apps and internet surfing. Due to their light-work oriented capabilities, they will underperform on tasks like gaming, video editing, graphics rendering applications and iterative programming. Chromebooks come with at least 2GB of RAM and possess a sole 16GB solid-state drive that is manly used to support the operating system, download apps and execute office files like word documents, sheets or slides. As compared to traditional laptops, the solid-state drive present in Chromebooks is very helpful for quickly powering up the laptop. The performance limitation might prove to be agitating for some users but the impressive battery time of approximately 6 hours is definitely one of the best feature on these laptops.



Its impressive slim body and stunning light-weight gives Chromebook an amazing overall look and feel. The smallest in the Chromebook series weighs around 2.5 pounds and is less than an inch in thickness. This small design makes it very easy to carry them around in a small bag pack or even in a handbag. Despite its smaller screen size, the remarkable high-definition resolution of 1280 x 800 still proves to be very fascinating. Among all the Chromebooks released yet, the largest in size Chromebook has a screen size of over 12 inches, which is very useful for entertainment, presentations and surfing. Whereas, the smaller versions of Chromebooks have screens around 11 inches.



Chromebooks are also best known for their cloud connectivity to run various apps. Most of the models have a DisplayPort that is compatible with HDMI, DVI and VGA cables, making it highly functional for presentations on large monitors. Some models even have an Ethernet port for internet connectivity with fully 3G capable functionalities. It can be concluded that Chromebooks are very smart mini computers made primarily for web surfing, multimedia purposes, office suites, music and videos. Every laptop has its own upsides and downsides but Chromebook definitely qualifies for one of the most user friendly laptops out there.





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